I realize it’s still a little more than 2 months away, but where are you going to stay is a pretty good question to be asking yourself right now. Some area hotels are starting to sell out, especially the ones that have a shuttle to the pool. I finally made my reservations for USMS Nationals today. I looked at the available hotels a while ago and figured I could wait awhile… I checked again today and my first choice of hotel had sold out so I realized that I needed to get my name on a room in a hurry!

You can see a list of hotels near the pool and which hotels are offering shuttle service here.

As it stands right now I am swimming Friday and Saturday for sure. If I hit some q-times I might find some events to keep me around on Sunday. I do want to swim the 1 mile open water event on Monday but I don’t know if I can justify that much time and money to hang out in Fresno.

Find more info on the USMS 2009 Short Course Yards National Championships here

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