Source: Olaf Veltman via FFFFound!

I used to be fearless in open water. I would go down to Pismo and swim with no real purpose, I’d just float around and have fun. I’ve swam with seals, otters and dolphins which I think is pretty cool. As I got older it started to freak me out a little more to swim in water I can’t see through, I don’t really know why. It probably doesn’t help that we had a fatal shark attack 15 miles from my house a few years ago. I need to find myself an open water buddy to take my mind off of what might lurk below. When I did the Naples Island Swim back in September it didn’t really bother me, I guess I figured we were using the sardine defense.

In other news… I am still super sick. I was hoping all the drugs the doc gave me yesterday would take the edge off and let me live my life. Ultimately today has been worse than yesterday… yay… I’m starting to get nervous about Saturday’s swim meet… hopefully I can shake this thing in time!

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