Having grown up in Wisconsin I have a deep respect for what January is capable of. The last couple days here in California have been unbelievable hot and beautiful. We’ve seen 70′s and 80′s around here all week. This afternoon me and Heidi went and had lunch at Steamers in Pismo Beach which has some of the best views in town and some of the fanciest mediocre food money can buy. After eating we decided to go down on the sand and walk around. We probably walked 1 1/2 – 2 miles through town and out on the sand. We walked barefoot out in the water a little bit and let me tell you what… the water temperature is still based in January! We finished our walk by scaling a set of death defying stairs. We were both breathing a little hard when we finally hit the top.

Later in the day we went back (Steamers actually shares a parking lot with my gym) and spent some time at the gym. We both spent about 35-40 minutes on elliptical machines. I’m still feeling the burn a little bit.

Anyways, here’s some pictures from my day off of my cell phone… I should have some more pictures tomorrow from my bike ride that I’m planning!

the view from lunch

hiding in a rock cave type thing

the reverse view

me gusta la playa

the stairs of doom back to our car

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