One of the things I’ve been working on is writing a workout and sticking to it. During SCM season I would write some really ambitious workouts and as I went through them they would magically modify themselves until they were easier. I’ve been really good so far this month with doing every yard I have decided to do. Tonight I wrote myself a set that looked really easy on paper (8 x 50 fly), but about half way through I was really tempted to make a mid stride modification. After 4 50′s of butterfly my upper arms were getting really tight and I was breathing pretty hard. In my head I was thinking “…maybe if I just did 6, that’s still 300 yards right…” It took some convincing but I managed to talk myself into getting all the way through it. I’m glad I did. I feel really good now that I’m done. It’s really easy to get away with cheating when you don’t have a coach or workout partner to keep you on track. I think doing the blog keeps me going to the pool and tracking my yardage with Go The Distance is really helping me stay on track with my yardage.

I went to the gym with Heidi tonight so I didn’t ride the bike, I just swam. Here’s my workout:

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

8 x 50 fly

100 kick

4 x 200 free

100 kick

100 IM
200 IM

200 Cool down

2400 yards total

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