rest stop in Shell Beach

Today I went out for a ride that ended up being about 33-34 miles with my friend Laurel. And yet again, it is insanely gorgeous out here on the central coast. It was hot with no clouds, my only complaint is that the weather matched with a 3 day weekend drew out basically everybody that lives in the central valley. I think there are more people from Fresno and Bakersfield in Pismo this weekend than people who actually live in Pismo.

In an effort to not get run over by giant diesel truck wielding tourists we did a variant of a ride I’ve done before but we did it backwards. I figured if we hit the coast early enough most of the people I was worried about would be asleep and hung over still. Luckily I was right. We cruised through Pismo with no problems. Before we started moving inland we turned into a Shell Beach neighborhood to check out the view. There were a ton of surfers out and the views went on forever. I didn’t want to leave but we had work to do. From there we rode along the frontage road into San Luis Obispo. We cut across the South Side of town and then took Orcutt road all the way down to where it hits Lopez Drive out towards the lake. Another 4 or 5 miles back towards town and we were home.

It was nice to have someone to ride with for a change. I’m glad Laurel is up to it every once and a while. I don’t really have any other friends locally that would have any interest in waking up early-ish for a 30+ mile bike ride. Most would look at me crazy for a minute and then change the subject.

Here’s some pictures from today’s excitement –

all the little dots in the water are surfers

my riding buddy for the day, Laurel

surfing in January, you can’t beat that

out on Ontario Road between the beach and SLO

me on the south end of San Luis Obispo

foothills and vineyards

more vineyard action

apparently bikes make me happy :)

rest stop in the Village (Arroyo Grande)

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