USMS just posted its quarterly update and it covered an event coming up in May that I thought was kind of interesting. They’re launching something called SwimFest which is basically a 3 day clinic for coaches, pool swimmers, and open water/triathlete swimmers. SwimFest is open to any registered USMS swimmer regardless of ability.

It sounds like a pretty good deal. For $85 a day you get a whole bunch of attention from a deck full of coaches, under water videotaping, an event t-shirt and a free Finis snorkel. The hitch is that you need to get yourself to Texas which depending on where you are right now might cost slightly more than $85.

SwimFest is being hosted by Woodland Masters Swim Team at the Conroe Independent School District Natatorium in Shenandoah, TX from May 22nd to 24th. Day one is coaches only. Day two is an all day pool clinic. Day three is an open water/triathlete clinic.

You can read more about SwimFest here. I don’t know when USMS is going to start proactively pushing this event online, but it’s slated for a full page ad in the March/April issue of Swimmer Magazine.

I would actually dig doing something like this but I don’t think I have the time. I’m pretty sure that’s the same week Heidi graduates from nursing school and well… she would punch me in the throat if I ditched out on it to go swimming. Plus I promised a Texas state trooper that I would never come back to Texas… but that’s another story for another day that is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds. 

And in case you’ve been paying attention… Shenandoah also happens to be on the shortlist of cities for the future home office site of USMS. So this might be a bit of a dry run to see how the city and USMS work together. The other contenders to host the USMS national office include Charlotte, Indianapolis, Fort Meyers, Daytona Beach, Raleigh/Durham, and Sarasota.

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