Go the Distance (GTD) is a USMS fitness program that asks the question – how far can you swim in one year? Each time you go swimming you can enter the time you spent swimming and the distance covered into a special GTD spreadsheet that helps you track your mileage throughout the year. It does all the conversion math from yards or meters into miles which is a must for the mathematically challenged such as myself. The spreadsheet also let’s you declare a goal and it will calculate how far you are from completing it. At the end of each month you send in your results to the GTD coordinator and she publishes the results. Currently there are over 600 participants in the GTD program and it continues to grow each month. I became a new participant at the start of this year!

I first learned about the program from Linda who was one of our first masters swimmer profiles. She got me in touch with Mary who runs the GTD program and she was also nice enough to do a swimmer profile. Mary told us even more about the program, how it works, where the idea came from, and how to join up. You can read about GTD in Mary’s own words in her swimmer profile and you can read even more on the USMS website.

Basically all it takes is an e-mail and you’re in! GTD is free! To join USMS’ Go the Distance Program e-mail the following to Mary at usmsgtd@yahoo.com

Age as of 12/31/09:
2009 USMS ID #:
Your E-mail Address:

Too easy. I recommend giving it a shot. Worst case scenario is you’re out $0… I’m pretty sure most of you can afford that :)

If you have any questions about GTD you can send them straight to Mary at usmsgtd@yahoo.com or you can leave them in the comments section and I’ll find out what I can for you!

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