I had kind of lost my motivation and fell out of my workout groove for a while there in December, but after tonight’s swim I feel like I’ve found it again. I haven’t been going super fast but I’ve been consistent and strong in the water.

This morning I was supposed to have a meeting in SLO but nobody showed! It was kinda lame that I had to go up there for nothing but the upside is I got to hang out in a coffee shop and write up a workout for tonight. Plus I got in a good walk through downtown, did some writing, and watched some people try to catch a duck in the middle of Higuera Street… which was weird, but it was a good time.

Here’s tonight’s workout:

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

10 x 100 alternating IM and Free

100 kick

8 x 50 (fly, free, back, free, breast, free, free, free)

100 kick

2 x 50 fly

100 kick

200 free

2500 yards total plus 10 miles on the bike

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