Monterey Sports Center (Picture Source)

I actually woke up and went swimming this morning… I’m as surprised as the rest of you. Not only am I horrible at waking up in the morning but I am on a mini-vacation so in theory I should still be asleep but I really wanted to get in a swim. I got up around 7:15 and walked the mile from the hotel down to the Monterey Sports Center. It cost $7.50 to drop in which I think is a bit much, but it is a really nice facility. It has a lot of lap swim lanes, it’s deep, and the lanes are wide. Only thing I wasn’t excited about was the pool was even hotter than my home pool in Pismo Beach. I was however very excited that it was big enough that I didn’t have to share a lane with anybody.

I put in a quick workout of 1600 yards to get my day going.

Warm Up
400 Free

10 x 100 Alternating IM/Free

200 cool down

1600 yards total

On the walk home I accidentally ended up in the Paris Bakery in downtown (which I highly recommend) and picked up some goodies for breakfast. Now I’m off to enjoy Monterey for the rest of the weekend!

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