I got a big box of goggles today at the office which I was pretty stoked about. I got kinda bored at work and started taking ill-advised cell phone camera self-portraits. I hope you guys like my work… can you believe that I am a self taught photographer :)

Tonight I did more of a distance focused workout. Most of my racing goals are shorter distance based, but I do want to get into some open water racing this year so I need to build up a tolerance for distance. This year I’m hoping to swim the mile in Fresno after Nationals, the Naples Island swim, and if I can get the time I want to do Big Shoulders in Chicago. My biggest problem with distance sets is counting… past 150 yards my mind starts drifting big time. I can’t just think about numbers, it’s impossible for me. I did a bunch of 500′s tonight and I think half were really 450′s and the others were 550′s. I’d prefer the simplicity of just swimming around the pier but people get eaten by sharks here and I don’t have a swimming buddy so I stick to the pool.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

4 x 500 free

4 x 50 fly/free fast

200 Cool down

2900 yards total

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