I ventured to the pool tonight for the first time in quite a while. You might have noticed from all of my complaining the last few days that I have been pretty sick. I hate being sick. Breathing hasn’t been going my way recently so I went to the gym with the idea of just testing the waters to figure out if I can actually race this weekend.

The verdict is… muscles are good, lungs are suspect. As it stands right now I think Vegas is a go. Even if I still have some issues with breathing I’m only doing 50′s and 100′s so I think I’ll be fine.

My swim consisted of a token 1000 yards of mainly freestyle with a little butterfly and breaststroke mixed in. Afterwards I spent a little time in the hot tub steaming out my head a little more. If I’m lucky, tomorrow I can put in a more purposeful workout… I’m driving to LA Friday night and then out to Vegas with a friend Saturday morning so it’s my last chance before I have to leave town.

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