Traditionally I’ve always had a problem finding the right goggles for me. When I was an age grouper I was the guy with like 50 pairs stashed in his swim bag because all of them worked in practice but all of them leaked off the start during a race. Not cool. Fast forward about a decade and I have a crush on my current goggles.

I’ve been using Speedo Sengar goggles since I’ve come back to the pool (despite having a bunch of others at my disposal) and I’m really happy with them. I’ve tried other brands and styles but they never make it more than 500 yards with me. The problem is I am so happy with them that I live in constant fear of losing my only pair of goggles that haven’t fallen off or leaked in a meaningful way during a race. They’ve served me well in practice, pool races and open water swimming. They suction onto my head really well, if I give them a solid push down right before a race I’m good to go. Plus they come with a silicone strap which works really well on my shaved head.

I had no idea what they were actually called until yesterday and thenĀ found them for cheap over at I ordered 5 pairs of them! A bit extreme maybe, but if they stop making these things I don’t want to be left with one pair that will inevitably get lost or break eventually. I got 2 pairs mirrored, 1 pair clear and 2 pairs smoked. I’m not taking any chances!

I’m not out to sell the rest of you on my favorite pair of goggles… as a matter of fact I’d probably be happier if nobody else liked them and I could scoop up even more of them for cheap in clearance bins… I just want to remind you that it’s never a bad idea to have backups of your favorite swim stuff because it does go out of style and production. Especially if you’re a fan or a brand that’s threatening to pull out of swimming altogether.

Anyways… back to exercise and stuff :) Tonight was a dryland kind of night. I got to the gym really late and didn’t have enough time to swim. Instead I plugged in the iPod, hopped on the elliptical and worked on that until they started kicking people out. I don’t know what it is about the elliptical machine but it kicks my ass everytime. Tomorrow I should be back in the pool.

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