On the Pismo Pier with Surfers in the background

The weather is supposed to be gross today but I figured that if I woke up early I’d have all day to look for a break in the clouds and get in a ride. Luckily when I woke up and things were cloudy but dry so I made my way out the door around 8:30.

I rode out to Pismo via Oceano and Hwy 1. Along the way I picked up another cyclist who was obviously faster than me but content to hang just behind me. I kept giving him room to pass but he never took it. On the upside it made me go faster, on the downside I really hate having someone hover behind me like that. Once we got to my gym I turned off and decided to go to the pool.

Little did I know, it was aqua aerobics time. The pool was full of old folks floating to the oldies. They did leave one lane open for lap swimming though. I only put in around a 1000 yards but it was mainly because I wanted to get out of the pool before there was a boatload of people in the locker room. Plus I couldn’t really butterfly without splashing all over the other people in the pool.

Once I put myself back together I hopped on the bike and made a pit stop at the Pismo Pier. The skies were pretty gray but the surfers were out en masse. I took some pictures and soaked in the view. I finished up with a ride back out through the farmland in Oceano.

All told I put about 15 miles on the bike and 1000 yards in the pool, not bad for a day off! Hopefully the weather holds and I can get back out there tomorrow.

Pismo Pier

Pedaling on Highway 1

Me by the beach

View from the north side of the pier

View from the south side of the Pier

Pismo & Shell Beaches in the background

The end of the pier all Christmases out

Surfing in December, nice :)

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