The Check Off Challenge is an a USMS program that challenges you to complete every possible pool event during the year. 50 freestyle to the 400IM to the 1650, you’ve got to do all of them! I’ve decided to give it a go for the 2009 SCY season. I think it would be a cool way to force myself to try everything. I’ve been mixing in the occasional weird event (1650 anybody?), but for the most part I’ve been doing the 50 fly, 50 free, and 100 fly pretty much everywhere I go. This will help me mix it up a little bit. There are definitely a few events I would never do on purpose unless I felt some kind of friendly pressure to do them. Who knows, maybe there’s an event out there that I’m good at and I had no idea about it! You’re allowed to complete the events either in competition or in your training pool during practice so there’s no pressure to get out there and do a 200 fly for a crowd if you don’t want to.

The Check Off Challenge is run through the USMS Fitness Committee and I actually heard about it for the first time in talking with Marcia, today’s featured swimmer who also happens to be the head of the Fitness Committee. Best I can tell the Sign up form hasn’t hit the USMS homepage just yet but there are copies floating around the internet already. This afternoon I saw it on the Masters of South Texas blog and you can get some basic info on the program here.

You can download the Check Off Challenge Sign Up form here.

So who’s in?

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