The end of the 200 free relay

Quick update from the hotel lobby because for whatever reason the space bar on my laptop stopped working and I have a feeling you guys would rather I wrote about my day using spaces!

I swam the 50 fly, 50 free and on the 200 free and 200 medley relays today. I feel like I did really well. I set personal bests for this year in everything. Long story short I went about 30.5 in my 50 fly on the medley relay, 31.08 individually, and 29.2 in the 50 free both times. I swam with Conejo Simi Aquatic Masters and for never having swam a relay together before I think we did really good. Our 200 free time was 1:57 and the medley went 2:10. I also got a chance to hang out and talk with Joel from the17thman and Tony from the SCAQ blog. I had no idea Joel had an accent, I’m going to have to change the voice in my head for when I read his blog :)

I’ll write more when I get home, in the meantime here’s some pics from today… I have more but they’re going to need to take a run through photoshop before you can actually see what’s going on in them!

coolest bike rack ever

the view from the pool

the warm up pool

competition pool

Me and Heidi up in the bleachers

Talking with Tony from the SCAQ blog

50 fly

More 50 fly

Freestyling in my TYR Aqua Shift

View from the hotel

3 Responses to “SPMA Championships Wrap Up – Saturday”

  1. Joel / the17thman says:

    Nice swims. I heard a rumor that you are swimming the 400 today but swimming it all butterfly?

    Nice pictures also. I’m so stealing that bike rack picture!

  2. Wendy says:

    Well done yesterday. Keep it going today!

  3. Rob D says:

    @Wendy – thanks! Yesterday was a really strong day for me and a lot of fun!