I had a gnarly headache brewing yesterday and I took a swim last night to try and work it off but it didn’t go so well. I figured a little time on the bike outside might clear my head this morning. I woke up super early (for me any way) and took advantage of the nice weather we’re having by taking a ride out to San Luis Obispo and back. My route was about 35 miles and went through the village out towards Lopez Lake and then up Orcutt Road into San Luis Obispo. I rode all the way into downtown SLO and then came back home down the coast.

Route on Google Maps

It was pretty cold when I got started, the sun had only been up for about 10 minutes. I left the house with my jacket, gloves and a wool bike hat on under my helmet… I think it was in the high 30′s or low 40′s. By the time I got home I was down to just my jersey, the temperature probably jumped 15-20 degrees while I was out.

The ride itself was beautiful. I think the best way to appreciate SLO county is by bike. It really gives you a chance to enjoy the foothills, the vineyards, and see all the little creatures scurrying around in the under growth.

I’m definitely feeling better. My head is cleared out and I’m ready to get on with the rest of my day! Here’s some pics from my ride…

vineyard on orcutt road

foothills of SLO

downtown SLO

my rest spot in Shell Beach

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