I slept in like a champ today and when I woke up I started wandering the house in search of something to do. I didn’t want to go into town and brave the Christmas shopping scene and I have plans to go swimming at the pool later today with Heidi so I decided to hop on the bike again. The wind was way more under control today and the sun was out so I decided to make my way up the coast to Avila Beach. All told I put about 28 miles on the bike today.

I love the variety of scenery I can get around here. I rode through farms, along the ocean, through a forest bike trail, a pier, and crossed a golf course. As always I snapped some pictures to share.

Farms in Oceano

Highway 1 in Pismo Beach

View of Shell Beach

This is serious business :)

Avila Beach

My bike sunbathing

The Pier

More shots on the pier

Hey I know that guy!

It was almost like they were waiting for something

From Shell Beach towards Pismo

From Shell Beach towards Avila

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