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The lady pictured above is Jennifer Figge, she likes open water swimming… a lot. Jennifer is set to embark on a 2100 mile swim across the Atlantic Ocean from the Cape Verde Islands off the African coast to Barbados. To give you an idea of how epic this swim is I put together a little map.

Just for reference I circled the English Channel which is usually the most hardcore swim you ever hear of people doing.

Jennifer is set to get going on December 1st and is hoping to wrap up her swim within about 60 days. To read more and see a video about her swim check out this article from the Miami Herald. And if you’re into Facebook you can become a fan of Jennifer Figge here.

3 Responses to “Trans-Atlantic Swim Anyone?”

  1. Scott says:

    She’s absolutely insane!

  2. Rob D says:

    I have a hard time even wrapping my brain around what an epic swim that is. That’s like swimming from LA to Milwaukee. I felt like a hero for just finishing a 1.25 mile open water race this year…

  3. Joanne says:

    I admire what you are doing. I am a triathlete who’s done a few half-irons. The swim and the run are relatively “easy” for me, but I find the bike segment very intimidating. I would like to know how you trained for what must be a very intimidating swim.
    Good luck. I will try to follow this on-line.