Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t find a groove. I got plenty accomplished but I didn’t feel particularly on. I was tired by the time I got off my bike at the gym. The upside of riding your bike instead of driving is it’s way harder to flake out once you get there, I still have a 5 mile ride home so I might as well swim to break it up.

Warm Up
500 free
100 kick

75 fly/25 free (was supposed to be 100 fly but that just wasn’t happening tonight)

50 dolphin kick on my back
50 dolphin kick on my side

200 free

100 kick

200 cool down

1300 yards plus 10 miles on the bike.

On the ride home I almost ate it. I was cruising up Grand Ave (the main street through town) which has taken a morse code approach to bike lanes. It has them they’re just not contiguous. So I was on a stretch that lacks a bike lane and wasn’t particularly well lit and I passed a parked van really closely. Turns out someone’s huge rabid dog was in there and the window was rolled all the way down. So this dog lunged his head all the way out of and barked like crazy at me. I could feel dog spit. It scared me half to death. It probably didn’t help that I had just watched a movie about killer zombie sheep right before I went to the gym. I’m just glad there wasn’t any traffic right next to me because I did swerve a little bit. It was a lot worse than when I was chased for a couple miles by a pit bull back in September.

Hopefully I feel a little better tomorrow. I may even just ride to the gym and lift weights, we’ll see.

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