My girlfriend keeps saying that she wishes she could go swimming with me, but I have been unable to get her into the pool… until today. Recently the big hang up/excuse has been “but I don’t have the right kind of suit!” So today at dinner I asked if I bought you a suit would you actually go to the pool with me? Apparently free stuff was the ticket!

We hit the Big 5 which is the only place in town that has any real swim gear and found her a Speedo one piece suit and a pair of silicone gasket goggles. And since I couldn’t really help myself I ended up buying a new kickboard while waiting for her to try stuff on. I really had no idea girl’s suits cost so much money though. It wasn’t a big deal to spend it, I just didn’t realize they were so much more than a guy’s suit. That sucks seeing as they only last a few months if you swim a lot!

After gearing up we ran back to the house to get my stuff and after a little more resistance I got Heidi to the pool. She hadn’t swam since junior high so we started out by gauging what she still knew how to do. She has a really good kick but is way too timid when it comes to really putting her face in the water and pulling. She kept pulling her head up too high which was dropping her hips and totally taking all the momentum out of her stroke. The basics of front crawl and breaststroke are in there we just need to coax them out. She was having problems with water in her nose so we’re going to see if we can find a nose plug type thing for her tomorrow. I think once she gets comfortable with her face in the water and gets a better grasp on breathing everything will fall into place! All told Heidi did about 75 yards of actual swimming and somewhere around 250-300 yards with my new kickboard. All in all a pretty good showing!

For myself I doubt I managed to squeeze in maybe more than 8-900 yards since I was focused on teaching not swimming. I used to teach swim lessons back in high school and adults really are some of the best students as long as you are willing to push them past their comfort zones. Generally adults that can’t swim are an hour away from learning as long as they are willing to trust their teacher and listen to their advice.

So here’s my homework for the rest of you across this long weekend… drag someone to the pool. Maybe someone that used to swim and needs a push to get started again. Or maybe you have a friend that can’t swim, teach them! Everyone should be able to swim at least a little bit as a safety thing, plus it’s fun. I’m hoping to get Heidi comfortable enough in the water that she can swim with me on occasion, and if we do a really good job maybe she can do the Naples Island Swim with me next year.

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