**Update: Results for the Gobbler Classic have been posted here

w00t! I won my age group in everything, don’t ask how many people were in my age group though…

Today was the main portion of the San Luis Obispo Seahawks Gobbler Classic. We got started kind of late because the age group meet that proceeded it ran a little over. The meet turned out to be a really good time and went really fast! Most events were only one heat deep and we had to stop a few times to give people in consecutive events a chance to rest.

My first event was the 100 fly and I’m pretty happy with my time. I went 1:04 (scy) which if you do the meter math is a 2 second drop from Santa Clarita. Plus it’s that much closer to my goal of 59 seconds in short course yards (my prior best time from when I used to compete). A big thank you to Patrick from Rose Aquatics for swimming fast in the lane next to me so I had someone to chase!

My second event was supposed to be the 50 fly but apparently I signed up for the 50 free without telling myself. I was making my way over towards the blocks to congratulate Bob (a swimmer from the central valley that I met back at UCLA) on his good swim when I hear “Rob Lane 2, yes you.” Oh crap! Btw that’s how small of a meet it was they could track down missing swimmers by first name. I had no goggles with me so I just pulled my shirt off and hopped on my block. My time was um… awful. I went :28 which is pretty weak but I couldn’t see the wall for my turn. I had to pick my head up and sight it like I was doing an open water event. From here on out I had goggles in my pocket where ever I went.

My 50 fly went decidedly better. I showed up on time and with goggles. I swam a :28 in that as well. I was starting to feel a little tired but my stroke felt good still.

The last event I swam was the 100 IM. I went 1:11 which didn’t really feel that remarkable to me. On my back to breast transition I banged my hand really hard. I don’t think I broke anything but an hour and a half later it still hurts. Hopefully it doesn’t swell up on me.

Overall I think the meet went really well. I met some cool new people and got to reconnect with folks I’ve met down in SoCal at other masters meets. It was kind of cool to have people I’ve only met a few times come up and let me know that they can see improvement in my swims. Hopefully I get to see everybody down in Long Beach and I can improve my times a little bit more!

The pool in SLO by day

random action!

more random action!!!

4 Responses to “SLO Gobbler Classic Wrap Up”

  1. Wendy says:

    Well done, Rob!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks! It was the most relaxed I’ve felt at a meet so far. It was low pressure, close to home, and in a pool I’ve swam in quite a few times before. I really got to enjoy the whole thing.

  3. Jel says:

    Good swims. Dropping 2secs. in 100 SCM FLY is damn good! Oh and good fr you for getting up in the 50 free. I would have scratched.

  4. Rob D says:

    I couldn’t really believe my time at first. I thought I was seeing things because I didn’t have my glasses on… hopefully I can slice a little more time off in Long Beach!