So Heidi (my special lady friend) joined my gym today. I guess she figured I spend so much time there she might as well join up so she can see me a little more often. Since today she was just doing the paperwork and not working out she got to pretend to be my coach today. The feedback consisted of “wow you’re a lot faster than the other people here,” “are you allowed to stay underwater that long off the walls?” and “butterfly is kinda hot.” This was actually the first time she’s seen me swim in the pool. She was on the beach for my open water swim back in September but has missed all of my regular meets because she’s in nursing school and they have her working in the hospital on Saturdays.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

4 x 50 fly

100 kick

10 x 100 alternating choice and free

200 cool down

2000 yards total

I signed up for something today too. I sent in my entry for the Gobbler Classic in San Luis Obispo. I’m not completely sure if I should actually do the event though. It’s a short course yards meet which is cool in that I’ll feel like a super hero since all the walls will be way closer than at all the other meets I’ve been to recently. It’s bad in that it might screw me up for Regionals down in Long Beach just two weeks later. I’d feel kind of stupid if I don’t go because it’s the first swim meet that wasn’t 3+ hours from my house, but I don’t know… we’ll see how it goes. I’m not even sure how many masters are going to come all the way up here for a SCY meet at the very end of the SCM season.

By the way, I received my first swimmer profile today and I will be running it in the blog tomorrow! If you want to be on the blog check out the details here

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