I usually don’t get to the pool until 7:30PM at the earliest but today I decided to run over to the pool right after work. What I didn’t count on was a pool full of 80 year olds rocking foam noodles to some questionable music. A good reminder to keep coming to the gym at night instead of the early evening. Luckily they left a lane in place for lap swimmers.

I jammed through 2000 yards and I felt good through the whole work out, me and my shoulder seem to be getting along much better.

Warm Up
500 free
100 kick

10 x 100 free w/ :30 rest
4 x 50 Fly fast on 2:00

200 cool down

2000 yards total

By the way, I’m famous now :) I made friends with another swim blogger on twitter and he put me and this site on his blog! Go check it out, it’s really good! You can see his blog at the17thman.typepad.com and follow him on twitter at twitter.com/the17thman.

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