**Update: If you’re looking for the official results of the Nov. 8th Santa Clarita SCM swim meet you can see them here

I swam the SCM meet at Santa Clarita today and I had a good time. The ride down (despite being 3 hours long) was beautiful, and the facility was excellent. I got there just as they were wrapping up the 1500m in the SCM pool and went and warmed up in the 50m LCM pool. The 50m pool was clear and clean but I swear it tasted like sunscreen. Maybe the kids in the synchronized swimming class bathe in the stuff before they practice, who knows. While I was trying to figure out where and how to situate myself for the day seeing as I swim unattached and I was flying solo today I lucked out and got “adopted” by Coach Nancy from Conejo Simi Aquatics Masters. She was nice enough to invite me over to hang out with her team today and kept an eye on my races if she didn’t have a swimmer of her own to worry about. It was nice to get a little advice and feedback from a coach! I might join up with them for SPMA Championships in Long Beach to do some relays which I think would be really fun.

I mainly held steady with my current times today, but I did drop about 1.5 seconds off of my 100 butterfly. Not as strong as I wanted, but I’ll take it. I was definitely stronger in the second half of my 100 fly today, but that last 25 was pretty shaky towards the end. I was second in my age group, but I don’t know how many 25-29ers were out there. In my 50 free I went :30 yet again, I seem to be stuck. I think the thing that is really throwing me off is training in yards and competing in meters. I keep botching the turn because the wall isn’t where I think it should be. My 50 fly felt good all the way through I just haven’t been able to shave anytime off of that either. I think I went a :31 high… it’s kind of hard for me to read the board with out glasses. The cool part about the 50 fly was that I got a few pictures! Kim (? I hope I have the right name) from CSA Masters was kind enough to act as my photographer – thank you!

Today really re-enforced my hypothesis that Masters Swimming is the most inherently friendly sporting organization on the planet. It’s competitive but you’re mainly competing against your own times so there’s no animosity between competitors. How many times has a stranger ever genuinely wished you good luck right before you raced them? It’s happened to me multiple times at masters meets. I wish I would have gotten off my butt and signed up sooner. If you’re on the fence about joining masters go do it! There’s nothing to be scared of, everybody’s welcome. The skill level runs the gamut from this dude who went :53 in the 100 back today (which is spooky fast), and in the same event someone went 5+ minutes. So don’t sweat it if you don’t think you’re fast enough to compete, you are.

But again I’d like to thank Coach Nancy and Conejo Simi Masters again for inviting me to spend the day with them. Also thanks to Tony from the SCAQ blog who I’m pretty sure hooked me up with some sunscreen. It didn’t click in my head who he was until I saw his blog post about the meet today!

Me in the 50 fly (far right)

On the Way Back

The Competition Pool

The 50m pool for warm up/cool down

The kids pool

Random Action!

8 Responses to “Santa Clarita Wrap Up”

  1. Scott says:

    Somebody went 0:53 in 100scm back? That’s world class. Who was it???

  2. Joel says:

    That is a very good fly time. I was reading your Twitters and it seemed that you had good swims all day.

    A little note: I don’t think you can swim any relays. I think there is some sort of time period when you switch from one team to another. Don’t know if that applies to unattached swimmers. Something to ask the SPMA people about. Email
    registrar@spma.net to find out for sure.

    But besides that COGRATS! Great pix also!


  3. Rob D says:

    I’m not sure, nobody seemed to know who this guy was but his race got a lot of people’s attention. I’ll check out the results when they get posted in a few days and let you know… I’m pretty curious myself.

  4. Rob D says:

    @Joel – thanks! It was a good meet, I had fun.

    I was actually sitting in front of the registrar as luck would have it and she explained the whole thing to me. If I were attached right now there would be a 60 day waiting period but since I’m unattached I don’t have to wait.

  5. Rob D says:

    @Scott the guy that went :53 in the 100m back is a 4 time olympian from Turkey. I wrote a post about it here: http://www.robaquatics.com/2008/11/who-went-53-in-100-back-in-santa.html

  6. Scott says:

    Thanks Rob D. I did read your post about Derya from Turkey. Figures he’s an Olympian. By the way you have a great profile picture. Your own creation?

  7. Rob D says:

    @Scott thanks, that is my own creation. I’m handsomer as a vector :)

  8. Ahelee says:

    Nancy is SO cool! Very glad that you hooked up with her!

    I just wrote a column for then SPMA newsletter addressing the “UNNATTACHED” swimmers. There are many of you out there.

    At Nova Masters, we have a satelite program where a file of our practices are sent out each month… but it sure doesn’t match having a coach on deck – or at the meets.

    I love the Santa Clarita pool – thanks for posting up the photos Rob!