So tomorrow I’m going to be swimming in a SCM meet in Santa Clarita. Today in preparation I swam a short workout and did a revisitation of the world famous Rob D Fu Man Chu. I’m convinced it works just like the Speedo fast skin suits with the smooth stripes and rough stripes creating funky little water vortices that obviously make you faster. If nothing else it should provide adequate draining for all the water running off my bald head while I’m butterflying. It worked for Mikey P right?

Phelps mustache

Anyways tonight I went to the pool and only put in a 1000 yards to keep loose and do a few short sprints. I did a 100 fly to stay used to the feeling of butterfly for that long and some 25′s from mid pool to work on my turns.

Warm Up
300 free
100 kick

100 fly (went about 1:12 SCY)

8 x 25 free/fly from mid pool

100 kick

200 free

1000 yards total

I kinda like doing fly when there’s a bunch of people in the pool/hot tub area. Everybody looks at me like I’m a crazy person. There must be an easier way to get across the pool right? :) I’m hoping for a decent time drop tomorrow in my 100 fly. I went about 1:13 at UCLA and now that I feel a little stronger in the event I want to get into a 1:08-1:10 sort of range. Any advances I make in my 100 are going to come from that 2nd 50 hence all the fly this week in practice. In my 50 fly I really want to hit :30 (former best time in SCM is 31.5) but I’m not sure if I’ve got that in me. We’ll see.

As always I’ll be live tweeting the meet and once I get home I’ll work on putting up a wrap up of the whole event.

By the way, Scott over at did a write up of some of his favorite swimming blogs of the moment and I made the list! Apparently I’m the only notable blogging survivor of the post Phelps swimming boom :) His swim blog is a really interesting read. He really takes the time to turn out well thought out quality posts. I encourage you to take some time and read through his site. You can check out his favorites blogs here.

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