Ok so I know I’m not a distance swimmer but that didn’t stop me from doing a 1650 tonight. On the upside I dominated my age group, on the downside I was the only one in it.

Last week I was in a weird mood and decided to send an e-mail to the meet director for the masters portion of the SLO Gobbler classic seeing if I could get myself into the 1650… well let’s just say there was room to spare. This was my first 1650 since I was like 13 or 14 so I really had no game plan, I just wanted to not embarrass myself and swim it in like 58 minutes. There was 1 heat’s worth of swimmers. From the sounds of things we’re only going to have 25-30 people out tomorrow so this thing should go super fast.

I started the race out pretty decent, I had the guy next to me pretty worried for the first 3-400 yards but somewhere around there I ran out of steam. My priorities shifted from going fast to completion in general. My hat goes off to people that specialize in this event. I brought my girlfriend along to count for me and well that went a little sideways… I thought we were doing just fine but after finishing and hanging out for a minute to catch my breath and high five the guy next to me I was informed that I might have missed a 50… d’oh! So I got to sprint a bonus 50, yay! I either didn’t set of the pad on one of my turns or one of her numbers got stuck together in the middle there, who knows. Heidi was in disbelief but I’m not a distance guy and it didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to try the event to see what would happen. I’m kinda of unclear on my time at the moment but I don’t really care what it was. I had fun and the other guys swimming tonight were cool.

I’m on the fence about showing up tomorrow, we’ll see how I feel.

Sinsheimer pool in SLO

You want me to do what now? What do you mean I’m not done? :)

2 Responses to “Note to Self: You’re Not a Distance Swimmer”

  1. Joel says:

    At least you tried. Swimming the 1500/1650 is not an easy event. Now that you’ve done it you can at least have the self satisfaction that you tried.

  2. Rob D says:

    That’s really all I was looking for. Plus I figured I’ve been out of competition for a decade and my body is built a lot differently now so I might as well try some new events to see if I might be good at them.