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First off, what the hell is going on in this picture? Honestly?

I joke with my friends that there should be an alternative triathlon out there for people like me that can’t run. And not boo-hoo I don’t want to run, but running is physically not a good idea and the doctor told me to not do that anymore. I swim a plenty and ride my bike constantly, 2 down, but what do you put in the third spot? Pie eating contest? Elliptical machine race? Breakdance competition? Guitar hero battle to the death?

my last day in the Army!I’ve always said they should work in some rifle shooting like in the weirdest of winter Olympic events, the biathlon. The only mix more natural than cross country skiing and firearms would have to be open water swimmers packing heat. Just give me a Speedo and an M 16 and we can get this party started! I could finally get some use out of all my basic rifle marksmanship training from when I was in the Army… Maybe USMS and the NRA could get together and do a really awkward joint promotion… just wait :)

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