I’ve been a little wrapped up in life in general today. I’ve had real estate on the brain. I live in a part of California that is nice and mellow and beautiful that also happens to be incredibly expensive. The upside to the economy tanking is that there is some affordable properties out there for me to swoop up. The downside has been this magic window of opportunity has also coincided with a massive tightening of the credit markets… boo. Well I finally managed to get some mortgage pre-qualification action and I’ve been checking out some stuff in the neighborhood. It was about 9PM when I realized what time it was so me and Heidi made a late night run on the gym. I did half an hour on the elliptical machine and made it out just before they were about to close for the night.

I wanted to swim but there just wasn’t any time tonight. I am doing some breaststroke research however! I’ve been watching this video of van de Burgh breaking the 50m breast world record and him winning the 100m breast. I’m trying to dissect his stroke and see what I can change in mine to get a little bit faster. There’s probably a lot for me to learn in there seeing as he goes about 10 seconds faster than me in the 50… yikes…

In other news… TYR has filed suit against Speedo and USA Swimming accusing them of conspiring to squeeze other brands out of the speedsuit picture based on false claims and faulty science. Check out more of the details over at the SCAQ Blog.

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