What a day man… all kinds of voting excitement, plus it’s my special lady friend’s birthday. She’s kinda pissed that she has to share the day but at least she’s happy right now with how the results are panning out for President. I’m pretty confident in who is en route to winning that office so right now I’m more concerned about California Prop 8…

…if you were wondering how I felt about it. I think it’s oppressive, unnecessary, very un-Californian, and frankly – lame. It sets a bad precedent and I think as a state we’re better than that. A swimming blog probably isn’t really the place to rant about it but there’s a really strong gay contingent here in the Southern Pacific Masters region and I think that they should have all the same rights and advantages that I do.

Anyways, what’s this blog about? Oh yeah swimming :)

Tonight I made my way out to the pool to get away from all the political noise for a while. There was a surprising number of folks there tonight, I couldn’t even find an empty locker. I guess everybody else had the same idea.

I did a short workout with a focus on going fast to make up for the shortness. Plus a mix of going fast and doing some butterfly kept people from wanting to split a lane with me, yay!

Warm Up
200 free
100 kick
100 breast

Repeat x 2
200 free at about 80%
100 kick moderate

Repeat x 2
50 fly fast
50 free fast

100 cool down

1300 yards total

I’ve only got 3 more days before Santa Clarita so I really need to keep working on my fly. I think I’m going to try to mix in a full 100 fly in my workout tomorrow just to get used to the special kind of pain that last 25 yards is made of.

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