I decided to stay on dry land tonight and give my swimming muscles a break. I went with Heidi to the gym and spent about 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. Unfortunately due to an old back injury this is the closest I can get to actually running. It’s amazing how much of a workout it is to hop a machine that you don’t use too often. I’m still kind of curious to try the weird looking cross country skiing or speed skating motion machine… not totally sure what it’s supposed to be. Anyways, I looked like I just finished a 5k by the time I got off the elliptical.

When I was done I spent a few minutes playing in the weight room while Heidi wrapped up her workout. I don’t really have much of a game plan when I hit the weight room these days. I’ve been thinking that I should schedule some time with one of the trainers at the gym to help me build a good circuit to do in the weight room. Anybody out there have a good swim-centric weight routine that they do?

In other news… the Masters of South Texas linked to the blog today and helped spread the word on my Meet a Masters Swimmer project. Thanks to the folks at MOST for getting the word out and I hope to be able to feature a few of you here in the blog in the near future!

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