I went back to the pool today after a 3 day break… it was supposed to be a 2 day break but I wasn’t really feeling it yesterday. Tonight I rode out and got in a decent swim. I decided to mix in a fair amount of breaststroke to start getting ready for the 200m breast that I decided to sign up for in Long Beach.

Warm Up
400 free
100 kick

100 breast

Repeat x 4
50 fly
50 breast

100 kick

4 x 100 free

Cool down
100 free

1600 yards total plus 10 miles on the bike

I’m still trying to diagnose the lack of speed in my breaststroke. During my hundred I only took about 8 strokes per length of the pool (SCY) which seems pretty good to me, but the speed isn’t really there. Plus I seem to lose a lot of momentum when I transition from the underwater pulldown to actually swimming at the surface. Not sure if I just need to turn it over faster or what. I’ve got a few weeks to watch some videos online and figure it out.

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