Today (Nov 1st) is the last day to send in preregistration forms for the Santa Clarita SCM meet on November the 8th. You can see a pdf of the meet info here. Preregistration costs $20 and it’ll cost $30 to deck enter.

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Santa Clarita Aquatic Center from Above

I’ve entered 4 events for this meet: 100 fly, 100 free, 50 fly, and 50 free. I’ve swam all 4 events in competition now and I’m hoping to beat my times from Davis and UCLA. Ideally I want to dip under 1:10 in my 100 fly, 1:05 on my 100 free, and break :30 in both of my 50′s. That’s all still a ways off of my all time best times from when I was much younger and a lot skinnier, but it’s a start. This coming week I really need to keep working on building up my tolerance for butterfly so that I don’t totally fade out on my last 25 in the 100.

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