I was dragging ass tonight… I just wasn’t all there. I think I’ve been really dehydrated this week between sitting in the sun all day in Davis on Sunday and the mini heatwave we had here in town. I just couldn’t drink enough water.

On the upside I did manage to talk one of my friends into coming out to the Candy Corn Classic with me later this month. The plan is to sign up for the 35 mile ride that runs through San Luis Obispo up to Morro Bay and back. It should be a good time. I’m still trying to recruit a few more people to join team Rob… it’s ultra exclusive, there’ll be tryouts later.

Tonight I hopped on the bike and rode out to the gym without much of a plan. My workout was pretty haphazard because I was feeling pretty crappy. I did a few 25 yard sprints that felt strong though. Now that I’ve finally done some short races I’ve gotten my feel for how “fast” feels.

Warm Up
200 free
100 breast

3 x 200 free

4 x 50 (25 kick 25 sprint)

200 free

1300 yards plus 10 miles on the bike

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