Getting myself ready to trek up to NORCAL to do the Davis Pentathlon. I’m stoked to do a pentathlon specifically because it will give me a baseline in every stroke to see where I am at. This is going to be my first meet in a decade so I’m not sure exactly what to expect performance wise.

My big goals for this weekend are to swim a good 50 free, a good 50 fly, not embarrass myself in the other events, and get some waffle fries at a Chick-fil-a… that last one isn’t swimming related, I just love waffle fries and I haven’t had Chick-fil-a since I left Texas back in 2004. In preparation for the meet I did shave down… my head and most of my facial hair anyways :) I’m down to just a strip down the middle of my chin, I’m hoping it makes me go faster.

I’ll be tweeting my way through the weekend if you want to follow along at home.

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