Sunday night I got about 3 hours of sleep so when I got home from the pool I pretty much fell asleep on the spot. Hence a blog post in the morning as opposed to my usually late night blogging…

Over the weekend I pretty much just took it easy and gave my body a chance to recover a little bit. I’ve been really busy and just needed to take a little time to chill out, plus I’m racing at UCLA this weekend again already! I did a little bit of shopping to get ready for my bike thing coming up this month. I picked up a new pair of mountain bike shorts (I don’t find it particularly necessary or aesthetically pleasing to wear skintight clothing on my bike) and a helmet. Despite being disturbingly expensive I’ve found bike specific shorts to be entirely worth it. If you ride a lot and have never tried them, do it. Your balls will thank you. (there’s a sentence I never thought I would write…) I was also required to buy a helmet for this event… I’ve seriously never owned one, they kind of bug me. Plus I have a big melon and it’s kind of hard to find hats that fit me so I figured a helmet would be worse. The kid at the bike shop helped me pick something out and amazingly with enough adjustment it fit right on my dome. Later I went to the Bell website to read up on my purchase and the first line of their sales copy is: “Finally a good looking helmet for the extra large of head!” I’m pretty sure that they’re making fun of me now… jerks :)

Anyways, despite being tired out of my mind and having a belly full of Burger Kingly goodness I made my way out to the pool right after the sun went down. I would go earlier but a big piece of my ride is straight west towards the beach and into the sun… it’s a good way to get run over by people that can’t see out of their windshields. Once I got to the pool I got down to business with a short workout. Normally I’d breakout my workout but I can’t remember the whole thing. I made it up on the spot. Basically the important part was I made sure to mix in some butterfly action. I have to make my way through a 100 meters of it on Saturday!

So ultimately there were 10 miles on the bike and an undetermined number of yards in the pool.

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