This morning I participated in the Candy Corn Classic in the 35 mile ride from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay and back. It was a lot of fun and everyone we ran into on the road was really nice… well I think one lady growled at my friend but besides that it was cool.

The route took us through a whole bunch of places I’ve never been before. All kinds of rolling country roads, farms and other stuff like that. I really liked riding up Turri Road. It doesn’t have a bike lane but it also doesn’t seem to have any car traffic either. Both sides of the road were full of bikers which was cool.

We didn’t ride super fast but we did keep a pretty decent pace through the whole thing. Once we got to about Cuesta College my legs starting thinking this wasn’t such a great idea and a little while later my back was thinking the same thing. But we finished just fine and I’m feeling good now that I’m done!

When we finished there were some folks eating and cheering, and once we de-helmeted we joined in. We got some free tri-tip sandwiches from Downtown Brew who was grilling on site, and there was some free beer in the mix too. I’m not much of a drinker, especially after a 35 mile bike ride, so I passed on the free beer. There was also live music, a bounce house for the kids, and they even handed out free sunscreen which was cool and highly necessary in my case. I think San Luis Sports Therapy put on a really good event and hopefully I can come out again next year!

See the course on Google Maps

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