I probably need to think a little more about what I am eating. My lunch today consisted of a bag of homestyle popcorn (the salty buttery kind) and some M&Ms… as it turns out I am an excellent chef. One of my friends reminded me that my lunch is in line with what Michael Phelps would eat, but I have a feeling he trains a little harder than I do. I really only eat lunch and dinner. I know I need to eat in the morning but I suck at waking up in the morning and I am kind of anti-cooking. I’m trying to turn it around but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways tonight was my first night in the pool since Saturday. I rode my bike out to Pismo and swam 2000 yards.

Warm Up
500 free
100 kick

10×100 (5 free, 2 breast, 1 back, 2 IM)

100 kick

50 free sprint

250 cool down

2000 yards total plus 10 miles on the bike

My left shoulder is still a little crunchy which isn’t cool. I think I’m going to start working in more fast kicking sets. I’ve got really strong legs and I think I under utilize them when I swim so I’m going to try and spend some time focusing on kicking.

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