**Update: I rode in the Candy Corn Classic this weekend and you can see some pictures and read my wrap up here

There’s a bike event here in SLO coming up called the Candy Corn Classic that I heard about today and I’m thinking about signing up to do it. It’s more fun than racing oriented and I kind of get an open-water-esque kinda vibe from the whole thing. They have a 15, 35, 62, and 100 mile rides available. I’m not quite ready to tackle a century, even though I’d like to complete one some day, but I think the 35 mile ride might be cool to do. I have a few friends that might be interested in participating but I’m not sure what distances they’d want to do so I’m waiting to see if anybody is going to sign up for real before I pick a distance.

The Candy Corn Classic is going on Saturday the 25th of October when the UCLA meet was originally scheduled to happen. It gets started at 7AM for everything except the century. It’s $40 to sign up and the proceeds go to charity.

Getting back to my aquatic interests… tonight I rode out to the pool and went through a decent workout. Plus I got to demoralize someone who got into the pool looking really confident about his aqua powers. After I casually lapped him a few times he wasn’t looking so confident and retreated to the hot tub. As it turns out young muscle-y people hate getting passed repeatedly by bald fat dudes :)

Warm Up
200 free
100 kick
100 breast

10 x 100 free (the last 100 was all out, I went about 1:10… kinda lame really. I can’t wait to do one for real soon)

150 cool down

1550 yards plus 10 miles on the bike

Tomorrow is a big day at the office… end of month report time, boo. So I might not make it to the pool, but I’m planning on swimming Thursday and having a short workout Friday. Then Saturday I have to drive up to Davis and Sunday I’m doing the pentathlon, yay!

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