So after a few days of dryland excitement I was back in the pool tonight, but honestly I felt like crap in the water. My left shoulder has been fighting me a little bit recently. It’s kinda crunchy which isn’t really the best thing a swimmer’s shoulder could be doing. I need to work on stretching more before I just hop in and start swimming. I forget that I’m kinda old sometimes…

I promised my special lady friend that I would be home in time to take a walk down to this frozen yogurt place by our apartment tonight so I had a slightly condensed workout.

Warm up
400 freestyle

Main set
10 x 100 choice (mixed freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, IM and some kicking)

200 cool down

1600 yards total

I need to start working in more time on my bike to supplement the fact that my shoulder seems to only be able handle so much yardage a week right now. I ride about 6 miles everyday but I’d like to add a little more. I like riding out to the gym because it’s a 10 mile roundtrip but I’m not a big fan of doing it in the dark… and generally I hit the pool at about 8PM so it would be dark both ways, not cool. Maybe I’ll stock up on more lights and some extra reflective gear. If I look like a Christmas tree people would have to see me right?

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