This weekend didn’t really afford me much of a chance to hit the pool. I did get in a really good ride on my bike up the coast through Pismo and Shell Beach. I don’t know what it is about the super spandexed up people that ride bikes. They don’t smile or acknowledge your general presence. I had a small group of roadies behind me and I let them pass, no hellos or thanks yous. Turns out I didn’t need to move anyways. I stayed right on them till they turned a few miles later even though I wasn’t wearing $200 of cycling gear and I was rocking Vans instead of clip in bike shoes.

View Larger Map The view from my ride

A little extra excitement for the day… I got a notice that the UCLA meet was moved to the 18th from the 25th which is actually pretty awesome for me because I was going to have to be in LA anyways on the 19th. You can check out the meet info here.

I’ll be back to my aquatic grind tomorrow.

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