So my suit I’ve been using for practice is starting to come apart… boo. I wear a Speedo Jammer with some kind of splice thing going on and I’m working on a sweet hole in the front of it. Luckily we’ve got a front liner. Since I need to race outside in public on Sunday I figured it would be a good idea to get my hands on a new suit and it’s too late to order one online so I’m stuck with whatever I can find in town. On my way to workout tonight I swung by Big 5 and much to my surprise they had 2 suits in my size. I picked up a blue jammer style suit and a black square leg suit. Even cooler I got them for $40 total, score! I’d prefer another suit in the style I have right now but I’ll take what I can get.

As far as my workout goes it was really simple tonight:

35 minutes with no breaks

… told you it was simple:)

I have no idea how far I went but I found a really good rhythm and I know I covered a lot of distance.

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