So I didn’t have a lot of time to swim today so I made it worth my time.

400 freestlye
100 kick

6 x 100 choice @ 2:30 hard
(I did 2 IM, 1 Back, 3 Free)

100 cool down

1100 yards total

Definitely not an impressive yardage but I had places to be man. In all fairness I was on the verge of puking after that second 100 IM.

My backstroke was on fire tonight but I kept almost drowning out of the turns. I think my facial hair is trying to drown me! I’ve never had that problem when I swam in high school so I was trying to figure out what changed. As it turns out I didn’t have a burly mustache when I was 14, I think its lack of hydrodynamical properties is working against me. I might have to shave the ‘stache and keep the rest of my goatee!

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