Once upon a time I was both skinny and aquatic… these days not so much. I got into competitive swimming at a late age. I didn’t start swimming until about the 8th grade back when I lived in Wisconsin. As a matter of fact I was deathly afraid of water until I was about 11 years old. It was weird I just decided that I liked swimming one day. Ultimately I found my way into age group swimming. I swam varsity in high school and I was pretty decent. I swam about a 56 second hundred freestyle, a 59 second 100 fly, and I was a pretty decent backstroker too. My senior year I spent the year in Sweden and kind of fell out of swimming

Fast forward about a decade and here I am trying to get myself back into swimming for fun, fitness, and competition. I got back into the water in the beginning of August and it’s going pretty well so far. I decided to join masters swimming so I can do some swim meets as a motivational thing to keep me going to the pool a few times a week. I’m blogging my way through the whole ordeal to keep track of my progress and motivate me to keep doing a good job.

I’m shooting for a meet in November in SLO to see if I’ve still got it. One can only hope! I’ve got 3 months to get back into shape and ready to pull down some respectable times at my first swim meet since 1998(!).

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